July 25 Soil Share with Flower City Noire Collective

Join us on Saturday July 25 for the final soil share of the season. We have partnered with Flower City Noire Collective for this event.

How does the Good City Soil Project Work?

We want urban gardeners to have healthy soil to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs in. We have several yards of soil compost mix from Vermi-green LLC that we want to get in people’s hands.

1. Find something to carry the soil home in and shovel to collect it with. We will try to help if you don’t have anything.

2. Stop by during the event and take as much soil as you need.

3. Contribute what you can to the project’s sustainability. We want people to find a balance between what they can afford and what they think the value of the service is to them. At the events we cash, paypal and credit cards through our paypal account.

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