Good City Soil Stewards

This project is just getting started and contributors are needed. Here are the ways you can help it grow. Your investment will be returned to you as a healthier community and cleaner environment.

Time and Energy

  1. Spread the word. If you know urban gardeners in Rochester please tell them about this project.
  2. Connect on facebook and share your soil stories. Tell us about anything good you’ve grown in city soil. Link to Facebook Group
  3. Help out with soil distribution. We possibly need people to move soil at distribution events for folks who aren’t able.

If you are interested in investing your time and energy into this project please reach out
email the Good City Soil Project

Other Resources

The biggest need right now is for shovels and personal protective equipment.

If you know a source of garden safe topsoil and compost that would be helpful.


If you would like to contribute please reach out.
email the Good City Soil Project

It can seem weird to talk about “money” but why not be honest? It isn’t right to keep people from having even a small piece of the living earth based on their ability to afford it. On the other hand there are start up and ongoing costs we need to cover to make this project a reality.

We are seeking people, organizations, and businesses who are looking to make a positive impact on the environment and community through their investment.

You can contribute small amount through our financial contribution page.
Link to make a financial contribution

If you are interested in making a larger contribution please reach out.
email the Good City Soil Project