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Community building, ecological improvement and healthy people. These are the goals of the Good City Soil project. We believe that a simple idea – sharing healthy soil for gardening with our neighbors has transformative power. Our project is growing and we need your help.

Since we began just a month ago, the response has been breathtaking. Almost one hundred gardeners from across the city have participated in the project. We have distributed over a dozen cubic yards of soil to the folks that need it. The work of the Good City Soil Project has empowered and educated first time gardeners, connected neighbors to each other, and of course provided healthy soil to community members who are volunteering their time and talents to their neighbors. We couldn’t be more pleased. 

As people learn about our project the most common question we get is “If we are just giving the soil away how will Good City Soil pay for everything?” This is a question we spend a lot of time thinking about. The project was launched with an initial investment from the founders and friends. During our first three events gardeners stopping by for soil have contributed what they can to the project’s growth. While we are currently brainstorming ways to build sustainable systems (like giant compost piles) for next year we are at a point in our startup phase where we need to ask for additional monetary support to continue this important work.

Our goal is to raise about $800.00 to cover our expenses and we are counting on community members like yourself to contribute to the work. Your support will make you a partner in achieving our vision of a better community through healthy soil for gardening. More specifically you will help us fund our event planned for July 11 and future activities currently in the works.

Please click “Support Good City Soil’s Work” button below to contribute.  If you are not in a space where contributing is a possibility we would still greatly benefit from your help by promoting our social media presence by liking and sharing our work. If you would like to discuss other ways you can get involved in facilitating this important work, please reach out. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you kindly,

Chris and Ben @ Good City Soil

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