Financial Contributions

Contributing to the Project

A key principle of the Good City Soil Project is sharing and exchange in the spirit of common interests. We appreciate any investment you can make in the growth of the project whether or not you have received some of our soil. We see any contribution or time, energy, resources, or money as an acknowledgment of our interconnectedness, a recognition that we all have our part to play, and an appreciation of our efforts to do what we can to contribute to the health of our neighbors, the connectedness of our community, and the sustainability of our urban ecosystems.

At Good City Soil Share Events we accept cash and checks in addition to credit cards and Paypal.

We accept contributions at any time through our paypal site

If you are an individual or business who wants to make a significant contribution to this project please reach out at

Our Business Model

The Good City Soil Project is organized under the business, Green Collar Collaborations LLC. We are trying to reimagine the role of businesses in our lives and want to be clear that while our goals are community well being, environmental sustainability, and the health of our neighbors we are not a non-profit. What this means practically is that we still pay taxes and any donations to the project will not be tax deductible. What it means philosophically is that we need to achieve financial sustainability through an appeal to everyone’s sense of altruism. We are asking you to help us help everyone with your contribution and we will do everything we can to reassure you that you can trust us to good things with the money you have shared with us and add value to your life directly by providing you with soil and and a connection to other gardeners or indirectly through a more resilient ecosystem and healthy neighbors.

Where is the money going?

  • Soil – right now we are purchasing a soil compost mix from Bristol’s Farm Market
  • Labor – project partners are being compensated for their time and energy based on a rate they think is fair
  • Nonprofit partners – we make a contribution to nonprofit partners to acknowledge the value of their time and space
  • Marketing – mainly for making signs, flyers to hand out, and a little bit for advertising on Facebook.
  • Materials – really basic stuff like shovels, tarps, and a wheelbarrow

Where is the money coming from?

  • Initial investment from project founders and partners
  • Folks who have stopped by for soil
  • Community members who have contributed to the project