2021 Growing Season Update

This project was launched as an experiment in reciprocity. What happens if we offer to help people out with soil for their garden and only ask people to share what they have to contribute in return? It was a fun thing to try and I am sure we had a positive impact. Already this season I have been able to give the Flower City Noire Collective soil for their garden and I have helped a neighbor I met last year in her garden. In ways like this I feel like we have proven a better city is possible if we focus on helping each other out.

As I planned for 2021 it became clear that a significant amount of time and energy from many people would be needed to build something that was sustainable this season and beyond. In the interest of keeping my attention focused on doing a few things well rather than many things poorly I have decided not to schedule Good City Soil Shares this season. If opportunities arise to share soil with people, I will post them and please reach out if you feel there is a way we can partner to support urban gardeners in Rochester.

There are many good people doing good things to support and build a community of urban gardeners and farmers in Rochester. If you are looking for education, materials, and support check out what these organizations are doing.

If you’re just looking for some soil check out Vermi Green

More of what I am working on can be found on my website for Green Collar Collaborations LLC.

Green Collar Collaborations Logo

Finally, if you are interested in working together to keep this project going, reach out.

Peace, Chris

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